3 Ways to Make Missionary Sex Way Hotter

Missionary: It’s the vanilla ice cream of sex positions—and people love to hate on it. At least publicly. Because a recent Trojan Condoms survey found that 45 percent of American women consider the standard horizontal mambo their favorite way to knock boots. And when we asked Men’s Health readers for their feelings on the position, we got a lot of resounding “Love it!” responses. Most guys cited the eye contact and “being able to watch her face and make out while we’re going at it” as their favorite aspects. As Shannon Chavez, Psy.D., a psychologist and sex therapist in Los Angeles, explains: “It can deepen intimacy between you and your partner because face-to-face contact boosts arousal.”

That said, the MH fellas also pleaded: “Variety is a must!” So tonight, tweak your missionary with one of these four moves, which offer better angles, new sensations, and extraordinary orgasms for both you and your guy. Think of ’em like sprinkles and hot fudge: elevating vanilla to an even more delicious treat.

The Frisky Cat
(Or its dry textbook name: Coital Alignment Technique)

Lee Woodgate

Missionary + Small Scooch Forward: Tell your man to shift his bod a few inches toward the headboard until his shoulders are in line with your chin and his body is resting on top of yours (he can use his forearms to support his own weight), says Chavez. Bend your knees about 45 degrees to tilt your hips upward for the smoothest entry.

The O Factor: There are two, actually. His member will stroke the front wall of your vagina (a.k.a. your G-spot) while “the base of his penis and pubic bone directly rub your clitoris,” explains Chavez. It’s as awesome as it sounds: A study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found that women who had sex in the CAT position experienced a 56 percent increase in the number of orgasms they had compared with standard missionary. Match your guy’s rhythm by grinding your lady parts up and down against his groin (start slow, then speed up as the action intensifies), squeezing your legs against his hips. “The more you pull your legs together, the more his body will massage your clitoris,” says Chavez. If you’re lovin’ the tempo, slap his butt, kiss his neck, and nuzzle your face in his chest. “Sweat clings to the body hair on his chest, and there are tons of arousal-boosting pheromones in his sweat,” adds Chavez. (His pits are another hot spot for those mood-altering chemicals, but for some reason we find the chest more inviting.)

The Pretzel Dip

Lee Woodgate

Missionary + Roll to the Side: Lounge on your left, then have your guy assume a kneeling position, straddling your left leg. Wrap your right leg around his waist, which will give him wiggle room to enter your vagina from behind. “It’s similar to doggie style, but without the strain on your knees or back,” says Chavez.

The O Factor: Everybody wins here. He gets the deep penetration he desires, while your G-spot can receive undivided attention, says Sari Cooper, L.C.S.W., a sex therapist in NYC. “And since his weight isn’t on your torso, you have greater range of movement.” By all means, massage your breasts, nipples, or bum, and make eye contact with your guy, suggests Cooper. You know, until your eyes roll back in ecstasy.

The Catcher

Lee Woodgate

Missionary + Baseball Catcher’s Stance: Reference this and your man will assume a squatting position with his legs spread wide open. Raise your hips to meet his member, then lift your legs over his thighs and point your toes so they reach the bed behind him. This can help balance you while your hands are busy exploring his abs.

The O Factor: Your guy can use the strength of his unrestricted legs to drive deep into your home base, explains Chavez. True, he’ll be doing most of the work, but you can speak up about what you want. “If something feels great, say it!” stresses Chavez. “And if you want him to slow down, try whispering—anything you say in a low voice is sure to keep things hot.” (Another prime tip from Cooper: Have him stimulate your clitoris or nipples with his fingers or with a small, easy-to-handle bullet vibrator.)

*These moves are hardly acrobatic, but if you experience any pain or discomfort in a position, please dismount.

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