7 Women Explain What It’s Like to Have a Guy with Facial Hair Go Down on You

There’s something about facial hair that can push a man from “eh, he’s cute” territory into the “someone call 911 because there’s a fire in my pants” arena. The only, well, hairy aspect arises when a he goes down on you. As you’ll see from the following quotes, sometimes facial hair can introduce you to a whole new world of pleasure—or pain.

“My current boyfriend shaves every day for work, but on his off days he lets it grow. While giving me head, the stubble prickle my clitoris and increase sensation, which makes me release a little bit quicker. It was so foreign the first time that I screamed, but now can’t have it any other way.” —Danielle J.

“My boyfriend has gone through phases of beard or no beard, although I’m thinking the beard will stick around for a long time now. I honestly don’t know if I can tell a difference. Maybe a little, but just kind of what you’d expect. There’s a little more scratching and tickling, but if he’s doing it right, the beard doesn’t matter.” —Beth D.

“My boyfriend right now has something in between scruff and a beard at all times. I’ve noticed when he lets it grow a little longer that I feel it a little more down there, and it can be a little scratchy. Most times, he trims before we hang out, though. However, he has pretty awesome technique where, when I’m about to come, he starts doing this tongue flicking thing that feels more like a vibrator than anything. At that point, the beard is far enough away I don’t feel it all, besides the occasional tickle.” —Sarah L. “I have dated men with different types of facial hair—mustache, beard, scruff—and I would say the person and their skill level determined more of my experience than the existence of facial hair did. However, facial hair enhanced it by providing an added sensation to the overall experience. It built up anticipation and foreplay, but I wouldn’t say it made it easier to orgasm because that is more dependent for me on actual stimulation and pressure than the feeling of stubble rubbing against me. Too heavy of a beard can negatively affect the experience because it hurts down there! I would also say I am characteristically way more attracted to men with facial hair than not, and physical attraction has always made a big difference for me in feeling comfortable with a partner sexually and allowing me to relax and enjoy the experience of going down on me more. So I guess there’s a psychological and a physical component to why bearded men do it better for me. I talked to my boyfriend about this, and he thinks bearded men do it better because there must be a ‘high correlation between facial hair, athletic ability, and cunnilingus skills.’ Ha!” —Kaitlyn T. “My boyfriend has always has somewhat of a beard, but the first time ever was when he had a pretty full beard. Not like Rick Ross or James Harden level, but a solid beard that can be grabbed onto and stroked, for lack of a better word. In terms of how that affects sexual experiences, I say it enhances it! It tickles, to be honest, but there’s something so sexy about a guy who isn’t afraid to just own it down there and who loves incorporating a beard into it. He was very proud of his beard—and his skills—and incorporated his beard into dirty talking, which I swear is such a turn on. He even buries himself, face and beard, in my entire lap. It’s less of beard-on-clitoris and more of just all over everything. He’s into rubbing his beard all over me in general. Beards just add another texture for your thighs to rub on to and for you to bury yourself in.” —Viv C. “I honestly don’t notice any difference in the moment when a guy has facial hair, but I think that it makes his face retain a certain odor, if you know what I mean. I feel a bit embarrassed and worried that someone might smell it.” —Jules C. “My boyfriend is a hairy dude. When he has a full beard, it doesn’t affect him going down on me. But if he shaves one morning, the next few days can get painful if we’re not careful. His hair is so sharp as it grows in that, one time, I had to put my hands on either sides of his face as he went at it because it felt like sandpaper wearing away at my skin. Another time, I was a little too inebriated to notice, I guess, and the next morning I had a rash. Later that day, when we were walking around, I kept ducking out of sight on the street so I could subtly apply lotion. It was not fun.” —Kimberly W.

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