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This New Form of Birth Control GUARANTEES You’ll Have an Orgasm


According to Woman’s health magazine “As if a desire to not have children in the next nine months and protection from STDs weren’t incentive enough to use contraception, researchers have created a new method that promises a 100 percent orgasm rate—at least after you’ve used it a few times.

This Frankenstein-like combination of contraception and sex toy is called the Va w.o.w. Here’s how it works: The female condom, which goes inside you, is attached to a vibrating ring that’s used to keep the condom from slipping into your vagina”.

Well something to think about…

There’s a New Vibrator for People Who Love Reading

Let’s be real: You don’t read erotica for the brilliant plots. Those steamy reads are for getting all sorts of hot and bothered—and then, most likely, doing something about it. Enter a whole new erotic-reading experience with the help of B.Sensory, a forthcoming French app that syncs a specially-designed vibrator to erotic short stories—because seriously, who can simultaneously swipe to the next page of your steamy read while pushing all the right buttons elsewhere?

RELATED: Why You Definitely Shouldn’t Feel Guilty about Reading Erotica

Here’s how it works: A shake of your phone or tablet, a caress of the screen, or an expelled breath triggers vibration patterns chosen by the author of each particular story. So far, B.Sensory has partnered with French publishers La Musardine, J’ai Lu, and Editions Livrior to supply the readable porn, available in both French and English.

Leave it to the French to come up with a literary vibrator that put our lowbrow toys to shame, right? B.Sensory and the Little Bird vibrator aren’t available to ship to the U.S. yet, but given that it’s still in its crowdfunding stage, there might be hope for American bookworms. We guess you erotica lovers will have to multitask for now when it comes to reading for pleasure.

12 Signs You and Your Partner Are Turning Into the Same Person

When you’ve been with someone for a while, you and your S.O.’s use of the word “we” can get a little out of control, especially if your interests, mannerisms, and sense of humor start to sync up.

If you’re at that place in your relationship, you should know that being the female version of your partner isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It might even mean you’ve found the one—which is pretty freaking great.

That being said, we broke down all the disgustingly sweet and strange habits that you can develop after spending a significant amount of time with your other half. You know you’re becoming the same person when…

1. The Docs You’ve Watch Together Have You Both Brainwashed
Thanks to Netflix’s documentary section, you both have very strong feelings about Sea World, processed foods, and the recession. The two of you make it your personal mission to educate your friends together.

2. You Wear Matching Outfits Without Planning Ahead
When you meet up on date night, you look like you walked out of one of those awkward family photos. You might be better off calling him ahead of time to make sure you’re not both in flannel.

3. You’ve Adopted His Laugh
That glorious, high-pitched one syllable “Ha!” is now all yours (and his) even though it was originally just his.

4. You Quote the Same Movie Lines at the Same Moments
You don’t even bother to say “jinx” anymore. Instead, you high five and do the secret handshake from The Parent Trap.

5. You Double-Team Stories Like a Boss
Despite your friends’ glazed-over faces, the two of you are totally on top of your story-telling game. It’s basically a tennis match of verbal beauty. Sorry, not sorry.

6. He’s Uses the Phrases “No Way!” and “I’m Just Saying…” as Much as You Do
By the time his reactions start sounding identical to yours, you’re in the final stages of the morphing process. No turning back now.

7. Most of the Time, You Order the Same Thing at Dinner
You both like lasagna, and you both want your own. Any questions?

8. People Assume You’ve Been Hitched for Years
They think that it would take a long freaking time to develop all the weird similarities you have—even if it actually hasn’t.

9. Your Bodily Functions Seem to be in Sync
“Was that you or me?” It’s hard to tell these days.

10. He’s Become as Much of a Wine Snob as You
Your passion for wine night is now his passion for wine night. Obviously, his taste is impeccable—because you taught him everything you know.

11. The Two of You Can be Seen Doing the Same Horrible Dance Moves When You’re Out Together
The music moves you both in all the wrong ways, but when you’re in it together, it works somehow.

12. In Recent Photos, You Look Like You’re Related
The holiday card you sent made it kind of obvious that you, your partner, and even your dog are starting to look the same. Well, at least you’re all cute!

Doing This One Thing Right After Sex Can Improve Your Relationship

Who isn’t tired of the relationship cliché that women love spooning after sex while men prefer passing the eff out? But research out of the University of Toronto Mississauga shows that a little post-nooky snuggle sesh can help improve your relationship.

The study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, shows that “kissing, caressing, and loving talk” after intercourse are all associated with greater sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., a licensed marriage and sex therapist, says that oxytocin is likely the main driver behind this phenomenon. In fact, many people refer to oxytocin as the “love hormone”; it’s released as a result of pleasurable physical contact and has been shown to increase bonding.

Staying physically close after sex can also act as a form of nonverbal communication. “It can help you relax, inhibit any sensations of pain—emotional or physical—and help reinforce to your partner that you are invested and committed to them,” says Van Kirk.

Other benefits include the simple fact that closeness can lead to more sex. “Cuddling can help keep you aroused for another roll in the hay,” says Van Kirk.

Interestingly, parents in the study gained the most from post-romp closeness, and women also seem to have benefited to a greater extent (although men reported improved relationships and sex lives, too). So how much time exactly should you devote to post-coital cuddling? Aim for more than 15 minutes—that’s what the people in the study who said they were happiest with their relationships did.

What His Teeth Say About His Penis

This article was written Danielle Austin and provided by our partners at Men’s Health.

If your guy is skimping on good-brushing habits, it might leave him with a rotten mouth—and a deflated penis. Poor dental hygiene may hamper his ability to get hard, finds new preliminary research from Taiwan.

In the study, men with erectile dysfunction (ED) were 79 percent more likely to have been diagnosed with chronic periodontal disease (CPD) than guys without ED. CPD is an infection that occurs when the gums pull away from the teeth, creating deep pockets that harbor bacteria and allow the bugs to spread to the bone surrounding the teeth. (It’s not just bad brushing—his other habits might be sinking his stiffy, too. Find out the eight ways a dude can protect his erection.)

Chronic inflammation caused by gum disease may damage a guy’s endothelial cells, which form the lining on all of the blood vessels—including those in his penis. The endothelial damage can result in impaired blood flow, leaving him limp in the sack, says Larry Lipshultz, M.D., a urology advisor for Men’s Health. (Because the blood vessels to the penis are about 25 percent the size of the ones to the coronaries, ED can often serve as an early warning sign for heart problems and vascular disease. So if your guy is experiencing ED, be sure to have him consult his doctor to make sure his member isn’t the only malfunction.)

The researchers suggest tooth extraction may help reduce the ED by eliminating the inflammation. But thankfully, that’s a last resort here in the U.S.

Instead, if the disease is caught in the early stages, treatment can be as simple as a few deep cleanings from a dentist.  If it’s discovered later on, gum surgery to reduce the pockets and restore some of the bone loss may be necessary, says Sally J. Cram, consumer advisor for the American Dental Association (ADA).

Once a man has the disease under control, she suggests scheduling more frequent cleanings—every three months rather than six months. (Regular appointments are also important because dentists can spot these six serious health problems.)

People who have had periodontal disease in the past are more likely to get it again, so it’s important that he take precautionary measures and monitor for symptoms.

“Most people who have the disease don’t feel pain until it is in the advanced stages so be sure to see your dentist if you experience red swollen gums, bleeding gums when brushing, bad breath, loose teeth, and receding gums,” says Cram.

The good thing, though, is that periodontal disease is almost entirely preventable. Just make sure your guy is brushing for two minutes twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste—look for an ADA Seal of Acceptance for best results—have him floss once per day, and make sure he drags himself to the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups, says Cram.

3 Ways to Make Missionary Sex Way Hotter

Missionary: It’s the vanilla ice cream of sex positions—and people love to hate on it. At least publicly. Because a recent Trojan Condoms survey found that 45 percent of American women consider the standard horizontal mambo their favorite way to knock boots. And when we asked Men’s Health readers for their feelings on the position, we got a lot of resounding “Love it!” responses. Most guys cited the eye contact and “being able to watch her face and make out while we’re going at it” as their favorite aspects. As Shannon Chavez, Psy.D., a psychologist and sex therapist in Los Angeles, explains: “It can deepen intimacy between you and your partner because face-to-face contact boosts arousal.”

That said, the MH fellas also pleaded: “Variety is a must!” So tonight, tweak your missionary with one of these four moves, which offer better angles, new sensations, and extraordinary orgasms for both you and your guy. Think of ’em like sprinkles and hot fudge: elevating vanilla to an even more delicious treat.

The Frisky Cat
(Or its dry textbook name: Coital Alignment Technique)

Lee Woodgate

Missionary + Small Scooch Forward: Tell your man to shift his bod a few inches toward the headboard until his shoulders are in line with your chin and his body is resting on top of yours (he can use his forearms to support his own weight), says Chavez. Bend your knees about 45 degrees to tilt your hips upward for the smoothest entry.

The O Factor: There are two, actually. His member will stroke the front wall of your vagina (a.k.a. your G-spot) while “the base of his penis and pubic bone directly rub your clitoris,” explains Chavez. It’s as awesome as it sounds: A study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found that women who had sex in the CAT position experienced a 56 percent increase in the number of orgasms they had compared with standard missionary. Match your guy’s rhythm by grinding your lady parts up and down against his groin (start slow, then speed up as the action intensifies), squeezing your legs against his hips. “The more you pull your legs together, the more his body will massage your clitoris,” says Chavez. If you’re lovin’ the tempo, slap his butt, kiss his neck, and nuzzle your face in his chest. “Sweat clings to the body hair on his chest, and there are tons of arousal-boosting pheromones in his sweat,” adds Chavez. (His pits are another hot spot for those mood-altering chemicals, but for some reason we find the chest more inviting.)

The Pretzel Dip

Lee Woodgate

Missionary + Roll to the Side: Lounge on your left, then have your guy assume a kneeling position, straddling your left leg. Wrap your right leg around his waist, which will give him wiggle room to enter your vagina from behind. “It’s similar to doggie style, but without the strain on your knees or back,” says Chavez.

The O Factor: Everybody wins here. He gets the deep penetration he desires, while your G-spot can receive undivided attention, says Sari Cooper, L.C.S.W., a sex therapist in NYC. “And since his weight isn’t on your torso, you have greater range of movement.” By all means, massage your breasts, nipples, or bum, and make eye contact with your guy, suggests Cooper. You know, until your eyes roll back in ecstasy.

The Catcher

Lee Woodgate

Missionary + Baseball Catcher’s Stance: Reference this and your man will assume a squatting position with his legs spread wide open. Raise your hips to meet his member, then lift your legs over his thighs and point your toes so they reach the bed behind him. This can help balance you while your hands are busy exploring his abs.

The O Factor: Your guy can use the strength of his unrestricted legs to drive deep into your home base, explains Chavez. True, he’ll be doing most of the work, but you can speak up about what you want. “If something feels great, say it!” stresses Chavez. “And if you want him to slow down, try whispering—anything you say in a low voice is sure to keep things hot.” (Another prime tip from Cooper: Have him stimulate your clitoris or nipples with his fingers or with a small, easy-to-handle bullet vibrator.)

*These moves are hardly acrobatic, but if you experience any pain or discomfort in a position, please dismount.

Are Your Masturbation Habits Normal?

It can be hard to know how your masturbation habits stack up against other women’s since, by definition, it’s something you do solo. And most ladies aren’t chatting about it over brunch, either: 58 percent of women say they’d be uncomfortable bringing up masturbation with their friends or that they just wouldn’t do it—ever. So we surveyed more than 2,500 WomensHealthMag.com readers to find out how most of you are getting off when you’re on your own:

Surprised by any of the stats? You’re not alone. Watch what happened when we asked men about women’s masturbation habits (and vice-versa)

Hopefully all of this goes to show that everyone does it (okay, 93 percent of the people we surveyed) and masturbation is something to enjoy—not anything you need to feel squeamish about.

Does Having More Sex Actually Make You Happier?

Yep, someone did a study.

Sex is a key component of a happy, stable relationship along with mutual respect, trust, and love, of course. So it makes sense that more sex would make a relationship even better.

But according to new research published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, that’s not the case.

For the study, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University recruited 128 healthy men and women between the ages of 35 and 65 and split them into groups: One group was asked to double how much sex they had in a week; the other was given no instructions on how often they should get busy.

The groups were observed for three months and reported on their relationship satisfaction at the beginning of the study, daily during the period of the experiment, and at the end of the three months.

Here’s the crazy part: Researchers discovered that couples who had more sex actually had a small decrease in happiness. They also reported that they wanted sex less and enjoyed it less when they actually had it.

But it wasn’t the actual act of getting busy that was the problem — researchers found that being ordered asked to have sex more instead of getting busy whenever they wanted to was a turn-off.

This new study contradicts research from the University of Chicago published just last year that found couples who have more sexual encounters have happier, more positive marriages. That also lines up with research from the University of Colorado that discovered people’s happiness was directly proportional to how much sex they were having

Of course, it’s worth noting that while most of us wouldn’t say no to having a little more sex, having double the amount of sex that you normally do takes some serious effort and planning. And planning in and of itself takes the spontaneity out of sex, which is often a big part of what makes it so fun.

Sex is also a good time because, on some level, it feels risqué. If you’ve been (a) granted permission to do it and (b) given what amounts to a homework assignment on it, that element of naughtiness is gone.

Despite the findings, researchers said in a press release that they still think an increase in sexual frequency is good for relationships. Just not when you’re, you know, ordered to do it.

Can You Create Sexual Chemistry If It’s Not There?

You’re on a date with a really great guy. He’s smart, sweet, funny, and just your type. You almost can’t believe how perfect he is…until you hook up. No butterflies, no goose bumps, nothing. You completely fall flat. This guy who’s so good on paper just can’t seem to fire you up in the bedroom.

“Chemistry is complicated,” says Bat Sheva Marcus, Ph.D., founder of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in New York. “It’s not binary. Chemistry is much more gradient than that.”

So if it can’t be turned on or off like a light switch, how can you at least nudge yourself toward a spark? Here are a few expert-suggested strategies.

1. Work Up a Sweat
One surefire way to boost your sexual chemistry? Exercising together. A heart-pumping workout can increase blood flow, oxygenate your blood, and release feel-good endorphins, says clinical sexologist Patti Britton, Ph.D. As a result, you’ll feel more excited and alive and also build some healthy self-esteem. To do this in a subtle way, plan on a more active date, like rock climbing or dancing.

2. Imagine He’s Hard to Get
The power of a perceived obstacle can be really strong, says Britton, referencing the work of noted sex therapist Jack Morin, Ph.D., who created a formula for enhancing sexual chemistry called the erotic equation: E = A + PO (Excitement = Attraction + Perceived Obstacle).

Here’s how that translates into plain English: If your guy is just too nice and available, try to imagine something standing between the two of you. Suggest he take a weekend to hang out with his buddies, then think about how much you wish you could see him. Find out when he’s taking a business trip, and then wait until he’s away and out of reach to send him yearning text messages. It might just help turn up the heat in your sex life. “We want what we can’t have,” says Britton.

3. Make Fantasies Work in Your Favor
It’s pretty common to be dating a good guy but be turned on by bad guys. That doesn’t mean you can’t at least mentally picture yourself with a Shawn Hunter if you’re dating a Cory Matthews, though. “I’m a big believer in fantasy,” says Marcus. “If you’re with Mr. Nice Guy and you want to be tied up by three men, let your head go there.” And you shouldn’t feel guilty about it—you’re willfully choosing to be intimate with this person, even if your mind may wander elsewhere. It’s perfectly normal.

Depending upon how open you are with your partner, you can also share your sexual fantasies with each other and even bring porn or erotic talk into the bedroom, says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., founder of Sexpert.com and author of NeuroLoveology.

4. Experiment with Different Locations
If you’ve fooled around at your place and it felt like kissing your brother, try his apartment or house to see if the results are any better. The change of scenery may ignite something that wasn’t quite catching beforehand. If you’re feeling adventurous, Marcus recommends trying somewhere totally new, like the back of a movie theatre. “Different places can bring out different parts of people,” she says.

Britton also encourages adding an element of surprise to up the hot factor. Buy tickets to a sex show or bring him to a Latin dance club—anything out of the norm for you.

5. Add Some Aroma
“What a lot of people don’t realize is the strongest of all our senses is smell,” says Cadell. “If you really want to create lasting chemistry, you have to find out what your favorite aromas are.” Set the scene with your favorite flowers or perfume, and you’re more likely to be seduced. This also works with food fragrances, like licorice or banana bread for many women and vanilla or cinnamon for most men.

6. Keep Trying…Up to a Point
Keep in mind that if you have a very “one and done” attitude about sexual chemistry, you may not be giving yourself enough time to really figure out whether there’s anything there. One unfulfilling night can be a fluke. It could have something to do with your mood or even what you ate that day, says psychosexual therapist Sara Nasserzadeh, Ph.D. But if you get busy with a guy a bunch of times and it still doesn’t satisfy you, you may never achieve good chemistry with him. “Don’t linger if you feel like it’s not there,” she says. “Trust your instincts.”

But where is that line between not giving a guy a chance and hanging on too long? Marcus suggests being intimate with someone at least six times before calling it quits. “And if you feel like the spark is just not there, either decide you can live without the spark or just move on,” she says

7 Women Explain What It’s Like to Have a Guy with Facial Hair Go Down on You

There’s something about facial hair that can push a man from “eh, he’s cute” territory into the “someone call 911 because there’s a fire in my pants” arena. The only, well, hairy aspect arises when a he goes down on you. As you’ll see from the following quotes, sometimes facial hair can introduce you to a whole new world of pleasure—or pain.

“My current boyfriend shaves every day for work, but on his off days he lets it grow. While giving me head, the stubble prickle my clitoris and increase sensation, which makes me release a little bit quicker. It was so foreign the first time that I screamed, but now can’t have it any other way.” —Danielle J.

“My boyfriend has gone through phases of beard or no beard, although I’m thinking the beard will stick around for a long time now. I honestly don’t know if I can tell a difference. Maybe a little, but just kind of what you’d expect. There’s a little more scratching and tickling, but if he’s doing it right, the beard doesn’t matter.” —Beth D.

“My boyfriend right now has something in between scruff and a beard at all times. I’ve noticed when he lets it grow a little longer that I feel it a little more down there, and it can be a little scratchy. Most times, he trims before we hang out, though. However, he has pretty awesome technique where, when I’m about to come, he starts doing this tongue flicking thing that feels more like a vibrator than anything. At that point, the beard is far enough away I don’t feel it all, besides the occasional tickle.” —Sarah L. “I have dated men with different types of facial hair—mustache, beard, scruff—and I would say the person and their skill level determined more of my experience than the existence of facial hair did. However, facial hair enhanced it by providing an added sensation to the overall experience. It built up anticipation and foreplay, but I wouldn’t say it made it easier to orgasm because that is more dependent for me on actual stimulation and pressure than the feeling of stubble rubbing against me. Too heavy of a beard can negatively affect the experience because it hurts down there! I would also say I am characteristically way more attracted to men with facial hair than not, and physical attraction has always made a big difference for me in feeling comfortable with a partner sexually and allowing me to relax and enjoy the experience of going down on me more. So I guess there’s a psychological and a physical component to why bearded men do it better for me. I talked to my boyfriend about this, and he thinks bearded men do it better because there must be a ‘high correlation between facial hair, athletic ability, and cunnilingus skills.’ Ha!” —Kaitlyn T. “My boyfriend has always has somewhat of a beard, but the first time ever was when he had a pretty full beard. Not like Rick Ross or James Harden level, but a solid beard that can be grabbed onto and stroked, for lack of a better word. In terms of how that affects sexual experiences, I say it enhances it! It tickles, to be honest, but there’s something so sexy about a guy who isn’t afraid to just own it down there and who loves incorporating a beard into it. He was very proud of his beard—and his skills—and incorporated his beard into dirty talking, which I swear is such a turn on. He even buries himself, face and beard, in my entire lap. It’s less of beard-on-clitoris and more of just all over everything. He’s into rubbing his beard all over me in general. Beards just add another texture for your thighs to rub on to and for you to bury yourself in.” —Viv C. “I honestly don’t notice any difference in the moment when a guy has facial hair, but I think that it makes his face retain a certain odor, if you know what I mean. I feel a bit embarrassed and worried that someone might smell it.” —Jules C. “My boyfriend is a hairy dude. When he has a full beard, it doesn’t affect him going down on me. But if he shaves one morning, the next few days can get painful if we’re not careful. His hair is so sharp as it grows in that, one time, I had to put my hands on either sides of his face as he went at it because it felt like sandpaper wearing away at my skin. Another time, I was a little too inebriated to notice, I guess, and the next morning I had a rash. Later that day, when we were walking around, I kept ducking out of sight on the street so I could subtly apply lotion. It was not fun.” —Kimberly W.

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