Cocoon Nude Body Stocking


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Trap your lover in this unique and confining bodystocking, designed to slip over their body and keep them at your feet! This nylon tube stocking stretches to fit most as your bondage-enthusiast slips into it and is immediately restrained. Tie a knot and watch them squirm! The limited mobility afforded by this cocoon will only allow them enough wiggle room to turn you on while you play with their vulnerable body. Use a wand vibrator or even a crop or flogger to elicit a reaction while they are stuck in the nylon prison! For light and simple bondage, this is an exciting new way to play!

Measurements: 60 inches in length, unstretched. 5.5 inches in width, unstretched. One size fits most.

Material: Nylon-Polyamide, Spandex.

Color: Nude.

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