Geisha Balls Weighted Ben Wa Balls Fishbowl- 45 Pieces


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Harness the ancient secrets of vaginal tightening and stronger orgasms with this retail display fishbowl, containing 45 sets of smooth stainless steel Geisha Balls. These classic toys have been used for centuries as a simple, yet highly effective way to tone, tighten, and increase sensitivity. Just insert one or both balls, and let the weight and resistance provide stimulation and resistance as you squeeze down on them. Each pair of Kegel exercisers comes in a red zippered pouch, individually sealed and labeled. Discreet, simple, and completely silent, these elegant ben wa balls are a must have.

Measurements: Each ball measures 0.78 inches in diameter

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Note: Each fishbowl contains 45 pairs of stainless steel ben wa balls.

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