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A multitude of pleasure options awaits within this striking display, filled with 116 Tenga strokers. The handsome pop-up is Tengas signature bright red, attracting attention and curiosity towards the unique, but wildly popular masturbation sleeves. Included in the variety is the original Cup collection, with 5 each of the Original Vacuum, Soft Tube, Rolling Head, Double Hole, and Air Cushion Cups. From the larger US size line are 4 US Original Vacuum and 4 US Soft Tube. There are also 4 each of the Cool Original, Cool Soft Tube, Keith Haring Original, Premium, Premium Soft, Premium Hard, and Short Deep Throat. Of the reusable Air-Tech collection, there are 4 of each the Regular, Gentle, Strong, Ultra, VC Regular, and VC Ultra Cups. Additionally, there are 4 of every reversible and attractive 3D stroker: Spiral, Pile, Zen, Module, and Polygon. Finally, there are 3 Flip Zeros and 2 of each the Flip Hole Silver, White, Red, and Black.

Measurements: 72 inches in height, 21.5 inches in width, 15 inches in depth

Material: Each Tenga Cup is made of TPE and PE. Each Tenga 3D is made of TPE. Each Tenga Flip is made of TPE and PC.

Note: Includes display and 116 cups.

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