Top 10 Ways to Spice Up The Bedroom

I always believed I had a decent sex life, that is, until my bestie Christina dished the dirt on how she and her boyfriend are regularly burning up the bedroom. She was having great orgasms that gave her a super-sensual mind set. The things that she shared with me make my bedtime experience worth sharing with you. Her passions pointers took my sex life from so-so to tremendously en fuego. Here, I have rounded up these randy rules that will take you and your partner to new level of intimacy.

1. Act On Your Moods:

It often happens that when your partner is not around, you are in the mood, but as he/she comes back you might have lost that spark. Always try to get into the mood when your partner is around, make love, when you feel from inside and your bed will start burning forever. Need to get the spark going sometimes? It’s okay; use a game or something to help get those clothes off in an entertaining way too.

2. Try Something Lacy:

It’s no secret that men love visuals. Wearing something lacy, it will instantly grab his attention and make him come to you. Invest in purchasing lacy, panties and sexy bras. The best option is to try Lingerie Kitten Lace and Wet Look Corset Black to spice up the bedroom.

3. Role Play in Bed:

Our secret fantasies always turn us on. The only way to turn your fantasies in reality without having affair is to dress up as someone and enact all your fantasies. Try being a patient and a doctor, a soldier and a journo, or a student and a professor. I personally enjoyed Santa’s Sweetie Adult Costume.

4. Invest In Kama Sutra and Fifty Shades of Gray:

Same moves are the main reason of unsatisfied sex. To reach your sexual peak every single time, climb up your cutie and take control with moves and styles given in Kama Sutra and Fifty Shades of Gray. For mind blowing, bed rattling orgasm; try one of Elegant Lusts’ Fifty Shades of Gray Bondage Kits.

5. Oral Sex Prep:

We all love oral sex, but sometimes it can become messy. Here’s how to make it easier. Grab two pillows and place once under his chest and other one under his hips. In this way his chin will not dig into the mattress, and he’ll get a wide range of motion with pelvis lifted higher than usual. On top of that, if you need to use lube with or before oral sex, try something flavored. One of my favorites is the 7 Flavored Pillow Packs Romance Kit since you get to use a different flavor every time.

6. Watch a Porn Movie together:

It is quite uncomfortable in the beginning, but when my boyfriend chuckled at one of the intimacy scenes, it broke the ice. Then we talked about it. Watching together helped spice up the bedroom and we ended up having incredible sex.

7. Try New Places:

Sex doesn’t have to take place in the bedroom only. Try it in some other part of the house. May be in kitchen, back yard or balcony. If you are feeling extra adventurous, try it in a public place like a movie theater, park or at work. Just make sure whatever you’re doing is legal!

8. Get Connected:

Nothing in the world is sexier than reinstating the chemistry between you and your partner. Remind him/her what made you fall in love with him/her. Let your man know that he is the sexiest man for you, tease him a bit, remind him what a prize he has in you.

9. Use Mirrors:

Mirrors never lie. Place full length mirrors to spice up your sexual experience. You can create a foursome sexual fantasy by having sex really close to the mirror. Mirror alongside your bed make you feel another couple making out next to you.

10. Create Sexual Memories:

Love needs memories to survive. Try to re-profess your love with new vows. Make promises and do it often. Create memories, have sex in car, beach or in park. As long as you are making new vows and creating new memories, spice of your sex life will never fade.


Alexa Bonero is an Blog Contributor. Elegant Lust and any of it’s entities own but are not liable for any material posted on behalf of it’s contributors.



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