12 Signs You and Your Partner Are Turning Into the Same Person

When you’ve been with someone for a while, you and your S.O.’s use of the word “we” can get a little out of control, especially if your interests, mannerisms, and sense of humor start to sync up.

If you’re at that place in your relationship, you should know that being the female version of your partner isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It might even mean you’ve found the one—which is pretty freaking great.

That being said, we broke down all the disgustingly sweet and strange habits that you can develop after spending a significant amount of time with your other half. You know you’re becoming the same person when…

1. The Docs You’ve Watch Together Have You Both Brainwashed
Thanks to Netflix’s documentary section, you both have very strong feelings about Sea World, processed foods, and the recession. The two of you make it your personal mission to educate your friends together.

2. You Wear Matching Outfits Without Planning Ahead
When you meet up on date night, you look like you walked out of one of those awkward family photos. You might be better off calling him ahead of time to make sure you’re not both in flannel.

3. You’ve Adopted His Laugh
That glorious, high-pitched one syllable “Ha!” is now all yours (and his) even though it was originally just his.

4. You Quote the Same Movie Lines at the Same Moments
You don’t even bother to say “jinx” anymore. Instead, you high five and do the secret handshake from The Parent Trap.

5. You Double-Team Stories Like a Boss
Despite your friends’ glazed-over faces, the two of you are totally on top of your story-telling game. It’s basically a tennis match of verbal beauty. Sorry, not sorry.

6. He’s Uses the Phrases “No Way!” and “I’m Just Saying…” as Much as You Do
By the time his reactions start sounding identical to yours, you’re in the final stages of the morphing process. No turning back now.

7. Most of the Time, You Order the Same Thing at Dinner
You both like lasagna, and you both want your own. Any questions?

8. People Assume You’ve Been Hitched for Years
They think that it would take a long freaking time to develop all the weird similarities you have—even if it actually hasn’t.

9. Your Bodily Functions Seem to be in Sync
“Was that you or me?” It’s hard to tell these days.

10. He’s Become as Much of a Wine Snob as You
Your passion for wine night is now his passion for wine night. Obviously, his taste is impeccable—because you taught him everything you know.

11. The Two of You Can be Seen Doing the Same Horrible Dance Moves When You’re Out Together
The music moves you both in all the wrong ways, but when you’re in it together, it works somehow.

12. In Recent Photos, You Look Like You’re Related
The holiday card you sent made it kind of obvious that you, your partner, and even your dog are starting to look the same. Well, at least you’re all cute!