Pornhub Pornrub 510k 8oz


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If you are not using lube yet, it is time to get a grip!

Spit and hand lotion just do not cut it when you are already drying up at the 30 second mark! Keep that fist wet and slippery with a jack-off lube that was designed to make your tight grip feel like the real thing! Squirt it into your stroker sleeve for a cock massage that does not quit until you blow your load deep in that hole! Go for the gold in those marathon masturbation sessions, without holding back for risk of chafing. You will never have to take a morning off because of rub burn again!

Pornrubs paraben free formula is FDA 510k approved and entirely body-safe, making it a perfect wingman for your next all-night fuck fest. Now you can enjoy hardcore porno sex with your partner! Because it is water-based, it does not stain your sheets and is safe to use with all kinds of toys. Take your time or give yourself a quickie with a lube that does it all!

Size: 8 fl. oz.

Color: Clear.

Note: Made in the USA. FDA 510k approved.

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