SexFlesh Kyle Male Mega Masturbator


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With a thick, hard cock, tight asshole, and eager pink mouth, from head to hips this boy toy is primed and ready for action. Run your hands over his ultra realistic washboard abs. The high quality molding offers a completely natural feel. The stiff, moldable cock is layered with a firm, flexible core giving strength to the soft, pliable outer layer for the most lifelike touch you can imagine. Penetrate his taut little asshole or shove your rod down his ribbed throat- this stallion is always up for a good time. Fully life sized and meticulously detailed, every inch of this mega masturbator is primed for pleasure. Each of the two orifices are ribbed for extreme satisfaction. Designed with open-ended through holes for easy clean up.

Measurements: Doll: 27.5 inches in length, 16 inches in width, 4.25 inches deep; Cock: 7.5 inches in length, 5.75 inches in circumference, 1.83 inches in diameter

Material: SexFlesh (TPR)

Color: Natural

Note: Retail packaging consists of a plain brown box

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